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Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

‘Hospital Information System’ or ‘Hospital Management System’ is a software solution that is used to effectively manage the complete medical, financial and administrative data of a hospital so as to simplify processes and reduce the effort for the management and the staff in the day to day running of the organization. A smartly designed HMS helps save time, money and energy.

By putting clinical and financial information at your fingertips, it helps doctors and administrators in critical ‘decision and policy-making’.

It does have a substantial impact on the overall cost cutting and improvement in quality of service and healthcare. It provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record (EMR) of the patient that can be later used for statistical requirements and research.

Parallax Programmers
Parallax Programmers


  • Strong Security
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Interactive Graphical Dashboards
  • Available as LAN & Cloud
  • Mobile App support (Android / iOS)
  • Integration with Clarity Network

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